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  • Sennheiser Handmic Digital

    Sennheiser Handmic Digital

    A rugged, dynamic handheld microphone combined with a built-in digital converter by Apogee. HANDMIC DIGITAL is the perfect companion for creating effortless mobile recordings and capturing brilliant interviews on iOS, Mac or PC.   Professional...

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  • Sennheiser Memory Mic

    Sennheiser Memory Mic

    With the Memory Mic, you can capture amazing sound in broadcast quality, the perfect accompaniment to your video. Memory Mic initially connects via Bluetooth and you don’t have to worry about getting out of range. The microphone continues to record...

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  • Table Top Boundary Condenser Microphone

    Table Top Boundary Condenser Microphone

    BOUNDARY CONDENSER MICROPHONE for Personal Podcasting TM-90BM Start your live talk show right away Boundary-type microphone picks up voices during a group talk with guests Features at a glance Back-electret condenser microphone Half super...

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    The  TASCAM TRACKPACK 4x4 includes a US-4x4 interface, mics, headphones, and DAW software – everything musicians need to make great-sounding studio recordings of acoustic instruments. The US-4x4 is a 4-in/4-out USB...

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