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  • 9 Volt battery - Voltomic

    9 Volt battery - Voltomic

    FEATURES:  lasts as long as Duracell (which is what we used to use until we found these) Alkaline GENERAL DESCRIPTION:    We have switched  from using Procell batteries in our hire stock for wireless mics etc...

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    PP3 Batteries designed for industrial and commercial markets; batteries last up to 7 times longer than conventional zinc carbon batteries. Designed for industrial and commercial markets Last up to 7 times longer than conventional zinc carbon...

    $60.00 $45.00
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  • Bubble Fluid

    Bubble Fluid

    Detailed Description Bubble liquid. This fluid suits all bubble machines. Brief Bottle of high quality Bubble Fluid Used For Suitable for all bubble machines, but optimised for the Antari Bubble Machines. This fluid is blended in NZ, our bottles are...

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  • Chauvet Haze Fluid

    Chauvet Haze Fluid

    Haze Fluid Best For Chauvet 1D, 2D, 3D Haze Machines This new and improved haze fluid generates a thin mist that will make any area have a stunning effect. Recommended for stage lighting, DJ's, party lights, bar fit outs, night clubs,...

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  • FCQ™ Fog Machine Cleaner Fluid

    FCQ™ Fog Machine Cleaner Fluid

    FEATURES Fog cleaning solution cleanses heater core which increases fog machine life and performance Increases output and life expectancy of any fog machine when used regularly Formulated specifically for use in all water-based machines Approved...

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  • Fog Machine Fluid (Smoke Juice)

    Fog Machine Fluid (Smoke Juice)

    Detailed Description High density Smoke Juice for all fog and smoke machines Brief Bottle of high quality, water-based Fog Fluid. Suitable for all fog & smoke machines. Water-based fog liquids are typically used by today’s fog machine...

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  • Haze Liquid for Haze Machines: 5ltr bottle

    Haze Liquid for Haze Machines: 5ltr bottle

    Detailed Description Fluid suitable for Antari Hazers. Oil based. Brief HZL-5 is a non-toxic haze machine liquid solution that produces a pure translucent haze with an extremely long hang time and low moisture content. Colorless, odorless and...

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  • Tape Gafa 30m 42mm Tape Gafa 30m 42mm

    Tape Gafa 30m 42mm

    Extra thick rubber adhesive layer for high tack, permanent bond. High strength 80 mesh fabric scrim backing for superior holding. Excellent water and moisture resistance for weatherproofing and sealing. Used for: Heavy duty protection, bundling,...

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