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Why Us

The AV Store has been formed as a part of the Waikato Sound & Lighting Group

As there is a lot of online stores out there selling loads of equipment, some good and some not so good, we use and service this equipment every day so we know what is going to be best to suit your needs. We are here to help you. Selling only high quality equipment and offering you the next level of aftercare, support and service you won't get from any ordinary online store.

The AV Store has access to a large range of AV equipment in Waikato Sound & Lighting's Hire Department thus being able to offer you preferred pricing and free demos of equipment.  Should your equipment purchased through the AV Store have to be repaired or serviced, we will hire you our equipment  at zero cost.

Benefits from The AV Store. 

* Lower Cost Inspection Fee for repairs of equipment purchased from The AV Store

* Refund of hire costs for purchased equipment within time frame

* Lower hire rates for loan equipment while we service your equipment

*  Discounted Service Plans on equipment purchased

* Free system designs for purchased equipment

Talk to us today about your requirements 


A Little About Us 

Waikato Sound & Lighting was Created by Jonathon Roberts who at a young age (13) Started an after school job with Utting Sound learning everything he could to do with Sound. Once finishing school he started a part time Electrical Apprenticeship during witch he became a full time Hire Department Manager at Utting Sound. In his role as Hire Department Manager he provided operation support, sound and lighting designs and equipment for all types of events and functions. One day in 2010, when the opportunity to take it a step further arose, He came up with the idea to create one of the best and largest Sound and Lighting Company's in the Waikato. Purchasing Utting Sound and Rock Lighting and Sound's Equipment to Create Waikato Sound & Lighting 2010 Ltd. Now able to provide a larger range of Sound and Lighting Equipment to whomever needed it. Every Day the Company is expanding. Recently we have added video screens and staging. A lot of Jonathon's day is tied up with designing and servicing along with trouble shooting various systems for clients. Having come across an area of service that many areas in NZ seem to lack he has now offered an online store to be able to provide the best AV sales, service and advice to NZ wide.